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Pony Club Tasmania Handbook V4.2 Dec 2019

Pony Club Tasmania Handbook V4.2 Dec 2019 MARKED VERSION



Significant Eventing Changes:

* Use of whip - the whip is not to be used more than TWO times for any one incident

* Hackamores are no longer permitted for cross country

* Neck straps must be attached to the saddle


Games Riders and permissible bits:
* A Team riders: Snaffle bit only
* B Team riders aged under 12:  any PCT approved bit is permitted



* Safety vests: from 1 July 2020 level 3 safety vests are mandatory

* Compression hoods are not allowed at competitions but are allowed at rallies

* Efficiency test fees:  C $20, K & C* $35, B & A $50


Eventing Reminders:

* Qualifications for Trials (MER) - Both horse and rider is two events: one event with 60 or less cross country jumping penalties and one event with 20 or less cross country jumping penalties

* Horses will be reverse qualified if they: have two consecutive cross country or show jumping eliminations; or a total of three cross country or show jumping eliminations within a twelve month rolling period (See section 8 in the handbook)


Pony Club Tasmania Inc. Handbook V4.0
      Effective December 2019






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