Dressage & Show Jumping Championship combined Trophy Winners

Homevale Trophy-Barwidgee Snowden


Presented by Mrs Laura Hedberg in recognition of the contribution this Connemara stallion, owned by Ann Paterson, made in producing some great pony club mounts.  Most of the Homevale ponies of the 1990s were by him, including Homevale sinbad who won the trials under Sarah Hughes and Alick Weber and who was also ridden by Mrs Hedberg's daughter, Catherine Davies to many other successes.

The winning club is that which places highest in both competitions.  If there is equality of placings the club whose total scores of their counting riders is the better will prevail.

1993 Launceston Pony & Riding Club
1994 Tasmanian Pony & Riding Club
1995 Monmouth Pony Club
1996 Leven Pony Club
1997 Tasmanian Pony & Riding Club
1998 Leven Pony Club
1999 Leven & Huntingfield Pony & Riding Club
2000 Huntingfield Pony & Riding Club
2001 Monmouth Pony & Riding Club
2002 Monmouth Pony & Riding Club
2003 Huntingfield Pony & Riding Club
2004 Tasmanian Pony & Riding Club
2005 Not Awarded
2006 Tasmanian Pony & Riding Club
2007 Deloraine Districts Pony Club
2008 Huntingfield Pony & Riding Club
2009 Huntingfield Pony & Riding Club
2010 Huntingfield Pony & Riding Club
2011 Launceston Pony & Riding Club
2012 Deloraine Districts Pony Club
2013 West Tamar Pony Club
2014 Not Awarded
2015 Monmouth Pony Club
2016 Tasmanian Pony & Riding Club
2017  Mersey Valley Pony Club 
2018  Mersey Valley Pony Club