Eventing TD Forms

Serious Incident Management Plan (PDF)     Serious Incident Management Plan (DOC)   

PC / TEA TD Report (DOC)     EA / PC Fall Form (PDF)


Handbook Forms

10.2.1 C Office bearers' details.pdf

10.2.1 Z Office bearers' details.pdf

10.2.11 Disclaimer statement.pdf

10.2.2 Elected board directors.pdf

10.2.3 Health statement and consent.pdf

10.2.4 Accident and injury report.pdf

10.2.5 Lease.pdf

10.2.6 Member Service Nomination.pdf

10.2.7 Senior Volunteer nomination.pdf

10.2.8 Day Attendee Application.pdf

10.2.9 Insurance Affiliation.pdf

10.4.1 Efficiency test nomination.pdf

10.4.2 Registration of NCAS.pdf

10.4.4 Application official PC panel.pdf

10.5.1 Rider nomination for national or state.pdf

10.5.2 Coach's nomination for state team.pdf

10.5.3 Chaperone and manager nomination for state team.pdf

10.5.4 DC or president confidential report.pdf

10.5.5 Personal report.pdf

10.5.6 Code of conduct.pdf

10.7.1 State dressage_rider entry v1.1.pdf

10.7.2 State dressage_DC entry v1.1.pdf

10.7.4 State show jumping_rider entry v1.1.pdf

10.7.5 State show jumping_DC entry v1.1.pdf

10.7.7 Quadrille test.pdf

10.7.8 Musical ride scoresheet.pdf

10.7.9 Equitation scoresheet.pdf

10.7.10 Jumping scoresheet.pdf

10.7.11 Incident report form.pdf

10.7.12 TD report_dressage.pdf

10.7.13 TD report_jumping.pdf

10.8.1 State trials_rider entry v1.1.pdf

10.8.2 State trials_DC entry v1.1.pdf

10.8.5 EA and PC eventing fall report.pdf

10.8.6 TD report_eventing.doc

10.8.8 Eventing competitor query.pdf

10.8.9 Dispensation.pdf

10.8.10 Cross Country Scoresheet

10.9.2 Games Schedule and Entry.pdf

Bitless Bridle Application

Participation Certificate Template (Example)


Appendix 4.3 Coaching Extension for Jumping Form.pdf

Coaching activity sheet.pdf

RPL RCC Application Form.pdf



Confidential record of child abuse allegation.pdf

Confidential record of informal complaint.pdf

Confidential record of formal complaint.pdf