PCT Handbook and Rules

PCT HANDBOOK (Oct 2020)    Body Protectors   Helmet Tagging   PCA Helmet Standards 

Current PCT Helmet Tag colour:  ORANGE (implemented 2020)


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EA National Rules

EA Eventing Rules   EA Dressage Rules   EA Jumping Rules 

Helmet Standards (see above for links)
All PCT riders must have their helmets checked for compliance and tagged for all activities including rallies and competitions.
Current PCT Helmet Tag colour:  Orange (implemented 2020)

Body Protectors/Safety Vests (see above for links)
From 1st July 2020, a Level 3 body protector/safety vest is compulsory for the Cross Country phase only at all competitions for all grades.  The body protector must be manufactured after 2009 and labelled as complying with one of the following standards:
- EN13158:2009 level 3
- BETA 2009 Level 3
- EN13158:2018 level 3
- BETA 2018 Level 3

Recent Significant Eventing Changes
  • Body Protectors (level 3) compulsory for cross country at all competitions for all grades
  • Use of whip - the whip is not to be used more than TWO times for any one incident
  • Hackamores are no longer permitted for cross country
  • Neck straps must be attached to the saddle
Eventing Reminders:
  • Qualifications for Trials (MER) - Both horse and rider is two events: one event with 60 or less cross country jumping penalties and one event with 20 or less cross country jumping penalties
  • Horses will be reverse qualified if they: have two consecutive cross country or show jumping eliminations; or a total of three cross country or show jumping eliminations within a twelve month rolling period (See section 8 in the handbook)
Games Riders and permissible bits:
  • A Team riders: Snaffle bit only
  • B Team riders aged under 12:  any PCT approved bit is permitted 
  • Compression hoods are not allowed at competitions but are allowed at rallies
  • Efficiency test fees:  C $20, K & C* $35, B & A $50