PCT Code of Behaviour (extracted from Member Protection Policy)
PCT Member Codes of Behaviour 

Concussion Policy
PCA Concussion Policy  

Member Protection Policy
PCT Member Protection Policy Version 6

Included in the above Member Protection Policy are the following: 

·  6.7   Alcohol Policy
·  6.8   Smoking Policy
·  6.9   Cyber Bullying/Safety
·  6.10  Social Networking Policy
·  6.11  Bullying, Victimisation and Intimidation
·  6.12  Inclusion Policy
·  6.13  Anti-Doping Policy
·  6.14  Drug and Medications Policy
·  6.15  Sun Smart Policy
·  6.16  Welfare of the horse
Part B Codes of Behaviour
Part C3 update of Working with Vulnerable People State requirements

Club Probationary Membership
Club Probationary Membership Form (PCA August 2020)

Working With Children Information
Working with Children Pony_Club_Tasmania_Sector_Guide.pdf

Child Safety Policy
PCA CHILD SAFETY Statement of Commitment.pdf
PCA CHILD SAFETY Code of conduct.pdf
PCA CHILD SAFETY Reporting Policy.pdf

Code of Conduct
PCT Board Code of Conduct