Risk Management

Committees should have a standing agenda item titled ‘Risk Management’ where all incidents are noted. This is particularly useful to keep track of incidents which make a pattern or to ensure maintenance is completed and noted

Event Risk Management
Equestrian Event Risk Management Guidelines (PCA/Gow Gates)
Event Day Checklist

Rally Checklist (Club Health and Safety Rally Checklist)
Trail Riding Guide
Trail Riding Checklist
Coach Guidelines for Pony Club
Checklist for Volunteer Induction
Catching a Loose Horse / Managing a Horse in Flight Response 

Hazard Reporting
Hazard Reporting Register
Hazard Report Form 

Safe Work Procedures
SWP Register
SWP Brush Cutter / Line Trimmer  Petrol Operated AS505
SWP Chainsaw - Petrol Operated AS508
SWP Mower - Ride on AS528
SWP Mower - Walk Behind AS529
SWP Oven AS530
SWP Rotary Slasher - Tractor Operated AS540
SWP Tractor AS558